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The Importance of Security Systems

Every business/home owner strives to keep their employees, assets, office space and families as safe as possible. There are several ways to help increase the security at your business/home; one of the most effective is to install a monitored security system.
Door and Window Contacts
Security Contacts are a simple, reliable form of security that can be installed quickly and easily. Security Contacts will sound an alarm when someone has opened any windows or doors while the system is activated. These contacts are installed on the connecting points of windows and doors – when they are touching, the alarm won’t go off, but when they are unexpectedly removed from each other, the alarm goes off.
Motion Sensors
Motion Sensors can be used to detect intruders, inside and out. You can connect them to lights on the outside of your building or to an alarm system so it will warn you when someone is lurking within the building. Special types of motion detectors are available for facilities with pets. Best of all, most of these motion sensors can be activated or deactivated at will – this means you can turn them off during the day, and arm them at night time before heading home.
Control Panels
Having access to your system from anywhere in the building is very important, and installing control panels throughout the site will allow you to access the system in multiple areas. Having the master panel in a place that is hard to reach for any intruder is important.
Most panels are installed with a two-way intercom that allows communication with the security company’s monitoring center – this means that if your security measures activate, you can talk with a security specialist to explain the situation to them. This open communication provides you with the ability to get help fast, or explain to the security officer if the security system is engaged accidentally.
Surveillance Cameras
Most buildings have several areas on the outside and inside that are great hiding places for intruders. Installing cameras inside can lower the amount of hiding places an intruder will have to hide in, as well as deter customers and/or employees from theft or other inappropriate work behavior. This is the ultimate form of security, and with integrated alarm and camera system monitoring services, you can rest assured that any suspicious activities or alarm signals are reported and dealt with quickly.
It is important to speak with a specialist when making any final decision for what type of security works best for your business.

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Integrating Access

Integrating Access Control 

As end-users demand easier to use products that are more secure, more companies are collaborating to release solutions that are tightly integrated with each other. Suprema, distributed in South Africa, recently announced a number of integrations linking its access solutions to different vendors’ flagship products.

NX-Witness Hive VMS is developed by NetworkOptix, one of the top 10 fastest growing software companies in the US by Inc.5000. Offering powerful VMS features and resilience in fail over, it is considered one of the most advanced, rapid search and user-friendly video management platforms.

Suprema now integrates NX-Witness Hive VMS. The API integration between Suprema’s BioStar 1 & 2 and NX-Witness adds real-time access control events into NX-Witness, offering easy management and adding more value for both access control and video.

Any event within BioStar can trigger programmable events within NX-Witness. Selectable alarms can trigger bookmarks, PTZ events, video wall live displays, e-mails and more customisable features within the NX Witness platform. Now searching video and finding incidents related to access control, directly from the NX-Witness VMS system, is easy. It allows programming of almost any live events and finding of historic events, related to users and alarms, within seconds.

Suprema also recently improved its integration with Avigilon’s ACM. This integration has now advanced to integrate Suprema’s new generation devices. This brings to the table 1:100 000 (<1s) matching, up to 500 000 users, advanced optical sensors and live finger detection.

Supreme ProSync detects and synchronises Avigilon users when a new user is added within Avigilon, activating Suprema enrolment within the Avigilon ACC web interface, allowing for user biometric enrolment which is seamlessly synchronised to the Suprema devices. Communication between the Suprema reader and Avigilon ACU controller ensures Avigilon ACM remains 100% in control.

It features easy deployment, seamlessly adding Suprema’s biometrics to Avigilon. An easy to use interface that requires little additional training and there is no need to leave the Avigilon platform.

In addition, also on the video management front, Suprema now also integrates with Arteco. From video security, access control, intrusion and fire detection to building automation, traffic control, parking management and beyond, this integration has opened up new and interesting opportunities in logistics, healthcare, critical infrastructure, transportation and large retail environments. Each of these operations may care about different information, but in the end, they are all focused on what is important to their environment: the event.

The API integration between Suprema’s BioStar 1 & 2 and Arteco adds real-time access control events into Arteco. These events are searchable, provide video wall displays including access control user badge image overlay, dynamically configurable video triggers allowing bookmarking of video data, text overlay and PTZ action.

Taking it a step further, Arteco allows for incorporating the BioStar 2 web interface to be managed from within Arteco with no need to leave the Arteco platform.

Wired VS Wireless Alarm Systems

Alarm system basics:

A typical alarm system consists of sensors, a control panel, a power supply and battery backup, a panic button, motion detectors and cameras. You customise the layout of your alarm by dividing your home into ‘zones’. Typical homes range from 8 to 16 zones, even more with larger houses. There are endless bells and whistles that can be added to a home alarm system. Aside from the cost of the equipment and installation, you will need to pay a monthly fee in order to get emergency response, patrols and other security services. The cost of this varies significantly; by area, size of house, extent of services and whether you’ve gone wireless or hard wired.

Wired alarm systems:

Known as hard wired systems, these are alarm systems that are connected with wires. Most alarm companies offer wired alarm systems, along with professional installation. Some of the larger companies throw a free installation in too. You can also buy the components separately and pay for installation or do it yourself. A typical 8 zone alarm system can be purchased for a few hundred Rands. ADT and some other security companies offer a rental option where you pay a monthly fee to rent the equipment. You’ll be locked into a lengthy contract and there are no guarantees that the folks who collect the rented equipment won’t leave unsightly holes and damage.

The advantages of wired alarm systems are compelling. Wired alarm systems are cheaper than wireless, maintenance free and super reliable. There’s no danger of a battery running out, so your siren can go for a long period of time. Wired alarm systems also add to your homes resale value.

There are however, some significant downsides to wired alarm systems. Wired alarm systems are a pain to install. Usually you’ll need a professional to run all the wires in the right places. And despite the neatest alarm installations, those wires will look unsightly in places. Also, wired can be tampered with and leave you very vulnerable without even knowing it.

Wireless alarm systems:

Is everything better wireless? Some alarm companies would like us to believe so. You will still need the same basic components as with hard wired alarms. The big difference is that there won’t be any pesky wires needed. Wireless alarm systems transmit information via radio frequencies instead of through wires. You can buy the components yourself and installation couldn’t be easier. You can even buy the components pre-programmed.

Wireless alarm systems have some convincing advantages. Wireless alarm systems are super easy to install, no professionals needed. You have total flexibility to move sensors and cameras wherever they will be most effective. Because there are no wires, it all looks neater. There’s no risk of a thief cutting your wires and therefore your connection either. If you move, you can take your wireless alarm system with you, so once you’ve forked out you have your home security sorted, forever.

But, wireless is expensive. For a basic 8 zone system with wireless components you can expect to part with R10000 and more. And all the parts need constant maintenance, batteries need checking and replacing regularly. Failure to do so means the risk of an alarm system failing at a critical point. If your alarm system consists of 100 parts, that is 100 batteries to check and change. It’s a noteworthy disadvantage!

So, how do you choose?

The size of your property and the extent of your budget will probably be the largest determining factors. It’s not uncommon to use a combination of a wired alarm system with a few wireless components thrown in.

One day, wireless technology will be cheaper and more reliable. Until then, a wired alarm system seems to be the most budget friendly, reliable choice to be sure that your family doesn’t become another statistic.

How does Access Control work?

An access control system is a process put in place by our company (Advanced Security)  to support your security by allowing and/or denying individuals access to certain areas, whether they physical (such as doors) or digital such as certain computer files.A professional access control system keeps

A professional access control system keeps record of who accessed certain files or areas and the time of the attendence. Door access control systems will allow you to control who is coming in and out and allow certain access.

For a system such as this to operate at full potential, great care must be taken to ensure that it works with all of the other security measures already in place such as having a system that is fully functional with timecards, ID cards, and badges, if that is what is used. When all the components work together systematically, a true system is impossible to beat. Access Control allows for a full sense of security.

High Performance Security Cameras

FLIR announced 4 new security products recently. These new products include the FLIR United VMS 8.0, the latest version of the company’s flagship video management solution (VMS), and three high-performance security cameras, including the FLIR PT-Series HD (High-Definition) thermal and visible camera system, the FLIR Quasar 4K fixed box camera, and the FLIR Ariel 3MP (3-megapixel) corner camera. All three cameras integrate with FLIR United VMS 8.0 and expand the company’s end-to-end line of security solutions.

The FLIR PT-Series HD is a dual-sensor camera system that provides superior, long-range perimeter intrusion detection regardless of lighting and environmental conditions. The high-speed, pan-tilt camera provides quick and accurate threat verification. The offers either a cooled or uncooled 640×480 resolution thermal camera with a 1080p HD visible camera. Multiple high-performance thermal lenses are available, including optical zoom lenses up to 14X. The HD visible camera also features a 30X optical zoom lens with autofocus and low light capabilities. The FLIR PT-Series HD integrates with FLIR United VMS 8.0 and other major VMS software providers.”

Centurion G-Speak

Main Features

Wireless convenience:

People like to say ‘less is more!’ When it comes to wiring, less is less: less money, less time and less effort. With the G-SPEAK, your mobile phone acts as the intercom handset so there is no need for expensive cable runs back to the house.

Up the security:

With the G-SPEAK system, you can answer your intercom from anywhere in the world with a 2G GSM network, giving the appearance that you are always home. This greatly enhances security and acts as a deterrent. In addition, only authorised phones are able to access the system.

Open your gate from anywhere:

The G-SPEAK offers up to 10 users the ability to open an entrance gate from anywhere in the world via a free ‘Missed call’. You don’t need to compromise the security of your home by giving your garden service or repairmen keys or remotes; you can give them access from anywhere in the world.

Your voice will be heard:

And so will the voices of your visitors! G-SPEAK delivers crystal-clear speech quality thanks to state-of-the-art GSM audio technology.

Weatherproof enclosure for greater reliability:

The G-SPEAK Calling Module boasts an IP55 rating, making it perfect for outdoor use. Mother Nature keeps on knocking but she can’t come in – a tough-as-nails ABS plastic housing makes sure of that.

Compact design:

The combination of your intercom and your gate forms a welcoming committee for visitors, so you want to be sure that it looks good. The G-SPEAK Calling Module has an attractive, compact design making for an aesthetically-pleasing installation. A white LED back light makes for beautiful low-light visibility of the Calling Module.