CCTV Analytics Software

Video analytics is the use of sophisticated algorithms applied to a video stream to detect predefined situations and parameters. These can include but are not limited to the following.

  1. Motion Tracking – Following a moving object across the cameras view
  2. Object detection – Detect a moving object in the cameras view
  3. Object classification – Identify the type of object moving (Person,animal,Vehicle)
  4. Direction Flow – Identify the direction of a moving object
  5. Loitering – Alert if object stationary beyond a predefined time
  6. Left/Removed object – Alert if an item is left or removed from a predefined area
  7. Face detection – Detect and record faces
  8. People Counting – count people in and out of a defined area
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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

LPR is perfect for building a vehicle database on public roads or as an access control mechanism for private properties. With an average of 695 household burglaries per day, 203 business burglaries per day and roughly 151 cars stolen every day in South Africa between 2014 and 2015, it’s not hard to understand why LPR technology is so important. Businesses, security estates and the public sector are already reaping the benefits of using LPR solutions.

LPR solutions are incredibly helpful to law enforcement as they identify stolen vehicles and track vehicles during an investigation, companies that own parking lots can now make use of apps such as KaChing, which uses LPR technology, as an alternative to the standard parking ticket. You can now pay using your credit card or pre-paid account. This eliminates the need to find a pay-station and is also the eco-friendly way to go.

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Business intelligence through surveillance

Retailers can achieve tangible results from the business intelligence (BI) that analytics provide. More than being a key tool in their loss prevention strategies, it is also valued as a means to improve the customer experience and to optimise store layouts. a retailer could ‘heat map’ in-store customer behaviour, have another solution monitoring queue length at the checkouts, and a third running facial reaction tracking measuring the efficiency of digital signage.

These capabilities can be applied to many other industry sectors – from healthcare to transport, to city surveillance, banking and leisure. It is the ability of analytics to interpret patterns in behavior that allows end-users to make sophisticated decisions about their organisations and assets.

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