CCTV Video Analytics

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Intelligent Video CCTV Analytics

Protect Shoppers, Residents & Your Assets with CCTV Analytic Systems – Abnormal behavior, Emergency notifications & Business Intelligence Reporting.

CCTV Video Analytics Cameras

CCTV Video Analytics Cameras support the Analytic Software that provides real-time alerts and notifications that security personnel can proactively use to respond to mitigate risks.

Self learning & Behavioral Alerts

  • SELF LEARNING – automatically identify movement patterns of people, vehicles and objects
  • BEHAVIORAL – find abnormalities and generate alerts to warn of potential threats (even those not known beforehand)
CCTV Video analytics

Facial Recognition

People Counting

Number Plate Recognition

Intrusion Detection

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Service & Maintenance

Advanced Security Services will support, maintain and repair all products supplied and Installed by us. We are experts in our brands and all our technicians are professionally trained.

System Design & Integration

Advanced Security Services will design and integrate any security system requirement clients require. From simple to complex installations we are the right company for the job.

Knowledge & Experience

Advanced Security Services has over 20 years of experience in the security sector. All system integrators and technicians have undergone certified training. Our team has vast experience in all security and CCTV installation and can provide expert advice.

Rental / Lease Options

Rental solutions are readily available for both short term and long term rentals.Security solutions can also be purchased with a one year service and maintenance agreement included. For rentals we have a full term service and maintenance agreement available.

Service Level Agreements

You can rest assured that any of our products will always be in perfect working order and will deliver professional and performance information. The SLAs provide you with peace of mind and clarity as to what our responsibilities are and what you can expect from our products

Installations / Deployment

All system intergators and technicians have undergone certified training. There is no need for sub-contractors or other suppliers. We will handle the entire projext from product supply, installation and deploymnettogether with clearly layed out SLAs.

CCTV Cameras

Home Alarm Systems

Business Alarms

Access Control