Solar CCTV Camera Trailers

Proven to reduce security & monitoring costs whilst providing you with 24/7 recorded HD video.

Manage, Monitor and Control your assets at any time from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Camera Security Solar CCTV Camera Trailers provides quick, affordable and easy Surveillance Security & Monitoring. You can access the cameras from the Office, Home or Beach, have alert emails & SMS sent direct to anyone. Motion activated infra-red camera’s look after the night time activities from up to 150 meters away, a Geo fence allows for activation of alarms and sirens for per-determined set points.

The Benefits Of A Solar CCTV Camera Trailer

The security benefits that a Solar CCTV Camera Trailer provides over traditional security guards are many:

  • Crystal clear 360° bird’s-eye elevated view.
  • Ability to readily see in the darkest environments with infrared capabilities.
  • Sense movement and motion even in areas out of camera’s field of view.
  • Records everything in HD with instant alarm notification and post-event evidence.
  • Minimisation of theft through site staff, contractor, visitor and intruder awareness of its  presence.
  • Never leaves its stationed post for meal or comfort breaks, Stays awake 24/7 with no holiday breaks
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Mobile Solar Lighting Trailers

Solar Portable Light Trailers are an innovative way to light your facilities, work, public or emergency area, providing safety and security for your workers. Installed on a trailer chassis, the single wind turbine and four solar panels power up to four 100+ watt LED lights.

Our system, which is paired with Illumient’s Smart Off-Grid controller, uses control modules to regulate voltage to a battery system providing variable brightness levels while managing your power output.

solar light trailers provide great light for safety and security completely off the grid. Not only do these systems have no carbon footprint, but they also offer full control of the timing and brightness of the light via cell and web. Payout is less than 2 years.

  • Significant fuel savings of up to R2000/day
  • Significant maintenance savings of up to R1600/day
  • Remote monitoring of performance via cell or web
  • Programmable lighting parameters
  • Charges the batteries rain or shine, low or high wind, night or day
  • Not a fire hazard; no hot exhaust, gas or ARC spark
  • No carbon footprint
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