Access &
Automation Control

What We Do

Advanced Security installs and maintains Access & Automation Control systems. Intercoms, Biometrics, Screening, Facial Recognition, Card, Keypads for Gates and Booms, Gate Motors. Some controlled remotely with mobile apps.

How We Assess Your Security Needs

Tell us about your lifestyle, your access and automating control needs and any other security concerns that you may have. Then allow us to recommend and design an holistic security solution using our more than 20 years of industry experience. Once approved, our skilled technicians will install and maintain your system

The Role of Access & Automation Control

An access control system is a process put in place to restrict and control access to certain areas.

A professional access control system may employ one or several access control components to control, record and secure access to your property.

Why You Should Choose Advanced Security

Advanced Security is trusted by our customers and we are recommended suppliers and installers of BPT, Centurion, Commax, Hikvision, Provision and ZK Teco Systems.

Centurion G-Speak

Main Features Wireless convenience: People like to say ‘less is more!’ When it comes to wiring, less is less: less money, less time and less effort. With the G-SPEAK, your mobile phone acts as the intercom handset so there is no need for expensive cable runs back to...

How does Access Control work?

An access control system is a process put in place by our company (Advanced Security)  to support your security by allowing and/or denying individuals access to certain areas, whether they physical (such as doors) or digital such as certain computer files.A...

Integrating Access Control

As end-users demand easier to use products that are more secure, more companies are collaborating to release solutions that are tightly integrated with each other. Suprema, distributed in South Africa, recently announced a number of integrations linking its access...

Paradox IP150 and the Insight Gold App

Paradox IP150 and the insight gold app Paradox IP150 Description The IP150 Internet Module is a HTTPs-supported IP communication device that enables you to control and monitor your security system through any web browser (e.g. Google Chrome). The IP150 provides...

Access Control Tutorial

Access Control is the control of who and how you allow someone to enter your premisis. Access control includes: Booms gate systems, gate motor automation systems, Biometric fingerprint readers, RFID card readers, Intercom systems etc. Biometric Readers Biometrics as...

Access Control Systems

When is it ever a good time to upgrade your access control solution? Many organisations follow the policy of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’, but this can be a risky situation in a world where technology and threats are changing so rapidly. The use of older, access...

GSM G-Speak Communicator

Main Features Wireless convenience:People like to say ‘less is more!’  When it comes to wiring, less is less: less money, less time and less effort. With the G-SPEAK GSM-based intercom system, your mobile phone acts as the intercom handset so there is no need for...

Access Control

What are the Pros of Access Control Systems? Accessibility – Access can be controlled using few alternate options, including biometrics (Finger prints), an FID key fob, or swipe key card. Due to this, traditional keys are no longer a necessity. As a result of keeping...

Upgrading to Wireless Access Control

Wireless access control allows for: • Quicker, easier, less disruptive, cheaper maintenance.• Easier integration with existing access control systems.• Easy, quick, minimally disruptive installation.• Battery life in exceeds two years. It’s worthwhile to start...


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