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What We Do

Advanced Security installs and maintains Wired and Wireless home and business security alarm systems.

How We Assess Your Security Needs

Tell us about your lifestyle, your alarm system and any other security concerns that you may have. Then allow us to design and recommend an holistic security solution using our more than 20 years of industry experience. Once all your needs have been met, our skilled technicians will install and maintain your system.

The Role & Function of Alarm Security Systems

The primary role of the alarm system is early detection of and detering intrusions. Alarm bells, sirens and such devices alert the owner whilst drawing attention to the intrusion site. Alarm system activation also sends a remote activation when linked to an armed response service.

Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems typically include door and window contacts, indoor and/or outdoor active or passive (PIR) motion detectors or sensors, panic buttons, remote controls and a control panel.

Alarm system installation requires thorough planning. Establishing a zone system that suits the property, linking and equipping each zone with appropriate security devices. System installation includes pre-programme the alarm system control panel and security remotes to allow ease of use that may be as simple as Sleep, Away and Panic but will allow for flexibility and easy over-ride when required. The system control panel requires a secure location and power supply. It should be installed with a battery back-up system to ensure stability in the event of interrupted power supply such as load shedding and potential tampering by intruders.

Systems are most often linked to armed response and other security services. Internet module systems may include home automation functions such as lighting and other home automation functions. Other sophistications include mobile app control functionality, voice module systems, touch screen functionality and more.

Why You Should Choose Advanced Security

Advanced Security is trusted by our customers and a recommended suppliers & installers of Paradox Alarm Systems, Ajax Systems and DSC Security Systems.

Wired Vs Wireless Alarm Systems

Alarm system basics: A typical alarm system consists of sensors, a control panel, a power supply and battery backup, a panic button, motion detectors and cameras. You customise the layout of your alarm by dividing your home into ‘zones’. Typical homes range from 8 to...

Paradox Outdoor Security Beams

Paradox Outdoor Security Beams Available in both wired and wireless version these rugged indoor/outdoor detectors incorporate two passive infrared side-by-side detectors. The specially designed optics is designed for excellent detection and false alarm rejection....

Security Alarm Systems

A security alarm system is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a home, business or specific area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against robberies, theft, property...


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