As end-users demand easier to use products that are more secure, more companies are collaborating to release solutions that are tightly integrated with each other. Suprema, distributed in South Africa, recently announced a number of integrations linking its access solutions to different vendors’ flagship products.

NX-Witness Hive VMS is developed by NetworkOptix, one of the top 10 fastest growing software companies in the US by Inc.5000. Offering powerful VMS features and resilience in fail over, it is considered one of the most advanced, rapid search and user-friendly video management platforms.

Suprema now integrates NX-Witness Hive VMS. The API integration between Suprema’s BioStar 1 & 2 and NX-Witness adds real-time access control events into NX-Witness, offering easy management and adding more value for both access control and video.

Any event within BioStar can trigger programmable events within NX-Witness. Selectable alarms can trigger bookmarks, PTZ events, video wall live displays, e-mails and more customisable features within the NX Witness platform. Now searching video and finding incidents related to access control, directly from the NX-Witness VMS system, is easy. It allows programming of almost any live events and finding of historic events, related to users and alarms, within seconds.

Suprema also recently improved its integration with Avigilon’s ACM. This integration has now advanced to integrate Suprema’s new generation devices. This brings to the table 1:100 000 (<1s) matching, up to 500 000 users, advanced optical sensors and live finger detection.

Supreme ProSync detects and synchronises Avigilon users when a new user is added within Avigilon, activating Suprema enrolment within the Avigilon ACC web interface, allowing for user biometric enrolment which is seamlessly synchronised to the Suprema devices. Communication between the Suprema reader and Avigilon ACU controller ensures Avigilon ACM remains 100% in control.

It features easy deployment, seamlessly adding Suprema’s biometrics to Avigilon. An easy to use interface that requires little additional training and there is no need to leave the Avigilon platform.

In addition, also on the video management front, Suprema now also integrates with Arteco. From video security, access control, intrusion and fire detection to building automation, traffic control, parking management and beyond, this integration has opened up new and interesting opportunities in logistics, healthcare, critical infrastructure, transportation and large retail environments. Each of these operations may care about different information, but in the end, they are all focused on what is important to their environment: the event.

The API integration between Suprema’s BioStar 1 & 2 and Arteco adds real-time access control events into Arteco. These events are searchable, provide video wall displays including access control user badge image overlay, dynamically configurable video triggers allowing bookmarking of video data, text overlay and PTZ action.

Taking it a step further, Arteco allows for incorporating the BioStar 2 web interface to be managed from within Arteco with no need to leave the Arteco platform.