• Wired & Wireless Camera Systems
  • WIFI Cameras
  • Off-Site Monitoring
  • Remote Mobile Viewing
Home CCTV Camera System
IP CCTV cameras

HD & Affordable

AHD offers the benefit of full HD Images at affordable prices. Security Cameras are a good deterrent and offer you the ease to monitor your Home or Business anytime, anywhere.

NVR & DVR Video Recorders

Recording & Intelligence

The NVR/DVR with record on movement detection is able to send notifications to your phone should it detect an intruder or specific event enhanced by Artificial Intelligence.

Provision cameras with pan, tilt & zoom capability (PTZ)

Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

PTZ cameras are perfect for Estates and Commercial properties. Artificial Intelligence can detect and track people or vehicles in selected areas and provide proactive alerting.

Thermal Scanning

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Cameras can be used for both Access Control and Temperature detection for people entering a building or facility,  allowing easy controlled access.

Home CCTV Cameras

Home CCTV Security Camera Systems

Our professionals will work with you to design a CCTV System that will suit your security needs and budgets. Some of our design features include:

  • Remote Viewing
  • Analogue AHD Cameras
  • IP – Smart Atificial Intelligence
  • Alarm Linkage Into Security Alarm
Business CCTV Camera Systems

Business & Corporate CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV Security Cameras can be used to protect your business but to also monitor production and ensure the safety of your employees. Business CCTV Camera Features:

  • Remote Viewing
  • Perimiter Breach Notifications
  • People Counting
  • Vehicle Detection & License Plate Recognition
  • Analytic Reporting & Production Mangemant

What We Do

Advanced Security installs and maintains CCTV AHD and IP Monitoring and Recording Systems, Remote Control CCTV Cameras and Wireless CCTV for Mobile devices.

How We Assess Your Security Needs

Tell us about your lifestyle, your CCTV needs and any other security concerns that you may have. Then allow us to design and recommend an holistic security solution using our more than 20 years of industry experience. Once all your needs have been met, our skilled technicians will install and maintain your system.

IP Protocol CCTV Camera Security & Monitoring Systems

CCTV Camera Surveillance and Monitoring Systems are an important complement to your security as a whole. The adoption of IP Protocol to stream high quality video in surveillance technology allows Advanced Security to offer a variety of IP CCTV solutions.

Simple installation solutions where line of sight requires high image quality, improved night performance and outstanding value for money.

Professional installations where exceptional quality image, connectivity and enhanced video analytics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is required. This includes facial recognition and object detection that is run on powerful AI CPUs designed for this purpose.

Sensor and optic recognition installations where specialised cameras are required for facial recognition, number-plate recognition and zone/perimeter protection.

Specialised solutions that may require fish-eye cameras, wireless cameras, box and other ‘discreet’ camera solutions.

Wide area solutions where larger areas are being monitored and pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras offer the flexibility of area surveillance and the ability to focus in on suspicious activity.

Network video recording (NVR) solutions, effectively the heart of all CCTV is the storing of the video signal, often linked to off-site servers and cloud based servers as a back-up to the unit itself.

We can integrate your IP CCTV Security system with mobile app functionality, with other components of your security system and with security providers such as 24-hour monitoring and recordings with Cloud back-ups and more.

Why You Should Choose Advanced Security

Advanced Security is trusted by our customers and we are recommended suppliers and installers of Hikvision and Provision CCTV Systems.

An even stronger reason to choose us is that Advanced Security was selected as the Installation Company for the upgrade of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) IP CCTV system in association with Distribution Company, HiTek Security. 


The project consisted of a complete upgrade of the system with original devices being replaced by 38 IP Dome Cameras 4MP (model DI-340IP5S36 and DI-340IP5SMVF) to protect both entry points and high risk areas and to monitor the all important server racks in the data centre. 

NAS devices were also installed to ensure three months backed-up footage to meet compliance standards.

The Advanced Security installation team successfully completed the date centre installation in two days over a weekend to ensure that there was no disruption to the JSE systems. 

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