Electric Fencing

What We Do

Advanced Security supplies and installs electric fence hardware, energisers and we set up links to sirens and armed response as required.

How We Assess Your Security Needs

Tell us about your lifestyle, your electric fencing needs and any other security concerns that you may have. Then allow us to design and recommend an holistic security solution using our more than 20 years of industry experience. Once all your needs have been met, our skilled technicians will install and maintain your system.

The Role of Electric Fence Perimeter Protection

Electric fences are one of the most economic, reliable and effective components of a security system.

They deter intruders and provide you with an early warning of a breach or tampering taking place. Electric fences also have the capability to identify the specific area or zone where breached.

Why You Should Choose Advanced Security

Advanced Security is trusted by our customers and we are recommended suppliers and installers of Nemtek Merlin Systems.


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