Access Control is the control of who and how you allow someone to enter your premisis. Access control includes: Booms gate systems, gate motor automation systems, Biometric fingerprint readers, RFID card readers, Intercom systems etc.

Biometric Readers

Biometrics as a term is associated with the reading and use of unique physiological characteristics to identify an individual such as fingerprints. This technology is mostly used with security because biometric traits can be used for authentication, where a special characteristic of an individual is used to identify them. From the identifacation, peramiters will trigger events on what the person has been allowed to access.

Gate Automation

Gate automation comes in many forms. There is many forms of gate automations for sliding gates, swing gates, garage doors. Advanced Security uses a product “Centurion” which has become the market leader in the industry, they provide competitive pricing and well designed and reliable products. Garage door automation will use “Centurion Xtrac”. Sliding Gates “Centurion D or A Series. And for swing gates the “Centurion Vector series”.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a vital feature of controling access. Intercom systems can be used to verbaly and visually communicate with someone and with allow or deny access. Intercom systems can also be used to intercommunicate between: Offices,Rooms and buildings. Imtercom systems can now be intergrated with a GSM Intercom which communicates to cellular devices and communication and access can be granted offsite.

Boom Gates

Boom Gate Systems are used to allow the flow and access of vehicles in and out of premisis. This is a good solution to control speeed to allow capturing of details such as number plates, driver details. Booms can be manual or automated and even have tire spikes if required. Centurion systems also offer boom gate automation and are the prefered brand of Advanced Security.